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What's the Smell? It's GoGo-Cluckers
We invented Curbside
The GoGo-Cluckers Story

GoGo Cluckers started with the question

Who says you can't cook
fresh fried chicken
in your driveway?

Actually, a lot of people did at first.

At first, folks didn’t really think you could get fried chicken any fresher than driving across town to eat it out of a paper bucket. They didn’t want to believe that some of the freshest chicken in the world could be served hot from the bed of a vintage El Camino. And they certainly didn’t think some of the happiest people in America would stand in your driveway and cook it.

GoGo Cluckers™ combines the best parts of a mobile kitchen, great service and stylish delivery vehicles, and brings them right to your door—almost. Our chicken is prepared fresh, right in your driveway.


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We're 20 Minutes Away-
From Your Driveway!

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Oh no!

We’re sorry, but as of April 1 2021, due to safety regulations  GoGo Cluckers™ is prohibited in serving in your area.

But please feel free to visit our GoGo Cluckers™ Online Merchandise Store